AB Renewables’ Construction Boom

cropped-crane-and-turbine-2.jpgThe results of Alberta’s renewable energy tenders and climate action program of the past four years, combined with a deregulated electricity market, continue to drive forward the province’s renewable energy build-out.  Though support for solar energy at the residential level has waned, the new government’s updated carbon pricing policy (TIER), maintains a $30/tonne level of taxation on fossil-powered electricity, firming the business case for utility-scale renewable energy generation. The government also recently scrapped a price cap on power sold through the Regulated-rate Option, which could contribute to better power prices for developers and investors going forward.

All to say; if you want an Alberta job or contract opportunity in renewable energy construction, now is a great time to go after it.  Albertans especially, take note. Canadians from out of province, and indeed people worldwide, are coming for these jobs. Here are the projects, in no particular order:

Castle Rock Ridge 2/Riverview Wind Project
Capacity: ~138.5MW
Location: Pincher Creek
Owner: Enel North America
Primary Contractors: Fairwind, Vestas
More Information: http://www.fairwind.com

Jenner/Tilley/Hays/Suffield Solar Projects
Capacity: ~120MW-dc
Location: Various
Owner: Canadian Solar, Metis-Conklin First Nation
Primary Contractors: Borea, TBD
More Information: http://www.canadiansolar.com

Stirling Wind Project
Capacity: 113MW
Location: Stirling
Owner: Greengate Power/Potentia Renewables
Primary Contractors: SkyFlo Consulting, Goldwind
More Information: http://www.stirlingwind.com

Claresholm Solar Project
Capacity: 130MW-ac
Location: Claresholm
Owner: Perimeter Solar
Primary Contractors: PCL
More Information: http://www.perimetersolar.ca

Cypress Wind Project
Capacity: 201.6MW
Location: Medicine Hat
Owner: EDF Renewables
Primary Contractors: TBD
More Information: https://www.edf-re.com/project/cypress-wind/

Innisfail Solar Project
Capacity: 25MW-ac
Location: Innisfail
Owner: Elemental Energy
Primary Contractors: GP-Joule
More Information: http://elementalenergy.ca/portfolio/innisfail-solar/

Windrise Wind Project
Capacity: 206.4MW
Location: Fort MacLeod
Owner: TransAlta Renewables
Primary Contractors: Siemens-Gamesa
More Information: https://www.transalta.com/facilities/plants-operation/windrise/

Rattlesnake Ridge Wind Project
Capacity: 117.6MW
Location: Bow Island
Owner: Berkshire Hathaway Energy Canada
Primary Contractors: RES Canada
More Information: http://www.rattlesnakeridgewind.com

Forty Mile Wind Project
Capacity: 200MW
Location: Bow Island
Owner: Suncor
Primary Contractors: TBD
More Information: https://www.suncor.com/about-us/wind-power/suncor-energy-forty-mile-wind-power-project

Travers Solar Project
Capacity: 400MW-ac
Location: Lomond
Owner: Greengate Power
Primary Contractors: TBD
More Information: https://greengatepower.com/travers-solar-400-mw

Buffalo-Atlee Wind Project
Capacity: 48.3MW
Location: Bindloss
Owner: Capstone Infrastructure
Primary Contractors: TBD
More Information: http://www.buffaloatlee.com

Jenner Wind Project 1 and 2
Capacity: 180.6MW
Location: Jenner
Owner: Potentia Renewables
Primary Contractors: TBD
More Information: http://www.jennerwind.com

Sharp Hills Wind Project
Capacity: 248.4MW
Location: Sedalia
Owner: EDP Renewables
Primary Contractors: TBD
More Information: http://www.sharphillswindfarm.com


For more Alberta renewable energy projects, including operational, in-development, and “shovel-ready”, visit SAAEP’s project map.

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