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Clients & Testimonials

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“Thanks for your quick response; you come to mind as our most immediate expert! Chat soon!”   -Bev Thornton, Executive Director, Alberta Southwest

“We are pleased with your continued involvement and wish this cooperation to continue and expand through new opportunities you engage with in Canada.”  -Laurent Segalen, CEO, Megawatt-X

“30 seconds after connecting on Linkedin, Mr Seibold put me in touch with an expert in grid stability for the pending renewable energy that is coming online. Definitely in touch with his entire industry.”  Darcy Hansen, RN, President, HealthyWorker Corp

“A great connection, resource, and expert. Mr. Seibold took the time to get to know me as a client, and put effort in keeping in touch. The level of engagement is essentially the driver of good collaboration.”  Hazem Ajlani, M.Eng Research Associate, NSCC Applied Energy Research

“I reached out to Randolph to discuss current opportunities in renewables. Immediately after our video call, he connected me with an expert in micro-grids, confirming his diverse network within both the domestic and global renewable energy industries.” Tj Grewal, Project Engineer, IEA Renewable Energy


Valued Clients & Partners

Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partnership: Industry relations, stakeholder engagement, research, communications

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Megawatt-X (London):  North America correspondent, Deal-flow, Investor relations, research, communications



Environment Lethbridge: Project feasibility, research, industry engagement, networking, co-operative development and launch

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