Straight Talk for Albertans About Our Chances, and Renewable Thinking

Hey Alberta; Its time to wind-down the global oil & gas industry. Or certainly make it drastically more lean, innovative and productive (ie finished fuels, products, biofuels, geothermal), that are higher value and also help guarantee Canadian supplies. Yes, in and from Alberta, where else. Keystone XL will be built, and the North American supply arrangement for Canadian oil and gas will reinforce itself. But it will be one of the last of its kind.

The question now and for the next 10+ years is: Do you want the new Canadian oil-patch, or no Canadian oil-patch?

This much is now painfully obvious to everyone, whether or not they wish to admit it. What is needed now for people who are still stubbornly opposed, in doubt, or ideologically supportive of fossil fuels til 2050 and beyond, to admit they were wrong (and slavery is too), and figure out how to believe and accept something new, and urgent.

Which, without receiving a mind-enhancing blast of new awareness, like when you have a close brush with Death, is not easy to do, at all. My hope is this writing challenges you into feeling some blast-like. Renewable thinking, perhaps taking flight for the first time.

Don’t know how much plainer to put it but that’s where its at. Those 1,000+ decent jobs a year building out all the renewable energy projects that were going ahead through the AESO tenders, home solar rebates etc etc? Well Alberta, you stubbornly voted UCP. If the NDP had won, there would have been even more because transit projects, spin-off construction services, etc (and probably even a pipeline). And better healthcare and education too. Damn. Next opportunity to fix that piece is 2024, at the latest.

Wrong move at the polls Alberta. But now we all see it, its in the past, and we can hopefully put down the hatchets, or better yet turn them against the slave masters. Its important for the electorate to acknowledge when grave political mistakes are made by the electorate, so they don’t happen again. Especially a monster stinker like this. Now guess what, all that tax money you pay? Potentially bailing out corporate shareholders, not workers, unless people scream loud enough and support the billboard actions of those nice young people at LeadNow and Greenpeace.

There are two painfully clear paths we, humans, can go now, and two only. Full-spectrum Sustainability, or terminal Decay & Collapse.

Some thoughts I’m having today, on week 4 of the Coronavirus Shutdown of 2020.

For more ideas along this theme see Please let me know if you are interested in a free 30 minute consultation, in how to transform your brain to “renewable thinking”, and get some hot tips on how to participate directly in the massive global upheaval underway in technology, capital, politics and natural resources.

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