What a Year so Far.

I’ve not written for awhile. Writing good blogs is hard!

Hats off to the dedicated blog writers who keep up with the evolving situations of their subject matter. When it comes to energy and the environment (and the economics and the politics) this is a seriously challenging topic to write about to begin with. Never mind 2020. What to say?

We are full bore into a time of change. That much is obvious. The hard, very painful reality of our impending demise as a functional socio-economic structure may be upon us. Covid-19 has proven to be our proverbial straw, and the camel’s back is breaking.

The crisis, and the opportunity, in the global and Canadian energy situations could not reflect this more starkly. The 100 degree heat-wave in Siberia is also extremely convincing. And we are frankly STRUGGLING to even go one round with this brave new reality. We’re at each others throats, and that’s not good.

So, where are those opportunities? How can we leverage green, clean, renewable energy to simultaneously protect our communities, harden our economies, and help humankind, both ourselves and others? Well, that’s the easy part.

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