Beginning Times

I heart AB wind decal

The singular driver behind the market rise of operationally emission-free renewable energy is the profoundly distressing existential threat posed by climate change (driven by human carbon dioxide and the carbon cycle).

It puts an extraordinary onus on those of us who have been active in the renewable energy industries for a while now, and how it compels us to proceed, with courage. The game is changing very rapidly. Revolution would not be too strong a word.

The energy policy drama playing out theatrically in Alberta is absolutely bang on. Stay tuned.

But its already well underway in the global energy markets, with Renewables perfoming admirably over the past 15 years, spurred by earnest government policies and enthusiastic private sector capital and expertise.  The 100% Renewables “moon-shot” may be a lot more attainable than we think (though not without its challenges).

But there’s another level to it, and now is the time (perhaps well past time), to reach for it and deliver, if we can.

We’ve all heard of the End Times. The Beginning Times, which accompany them, are much less well-known, and more’s the pity for it. Thanks to our children, we may still prevail alright, in the long run.





2 responses to “Beginning Times”

  1. peterdriftmier Avatar

    Any idea where one can get one of these classy bumper stickers (I heart Alberta wind turbines)? I really really want some 🙂

    1. Hi Peter, contact Chris deLisle at Lethbridge College.

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