Alberta’s Renewables Call is Game On

Today the much-awaited announcement at the AESO REP webpage arrived; The first call for 400 MW of clean, renewable electricity is officially open for bidding (see link for application forms, FAQs, staged timeline, info on the Indexed Renewable Energy Credit, and much more).

Granted, its still a patient process: first, submit an expression of interest to participate. Then respond to the RFQ, and if selected as a qualified proponent, be invited to submit your formal proposal.  The first two stages should go relatively quickly, 90 days or so. Then, a likely diverse but well-capitalized group of companies will be competing, primarily on price, for this modest but important installment of new power capacity for Alberta’s admirable “greening the grid” adventure.  Wind energy is expected to dominate both the bidding and the winning selections, primarily because there are a strong number of well-developed projects already in the queue. But solar should also find itself well-represented.  Stay tuned!

Operations at International Power Canada's Plateau Wind Farm


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