Alberta Solar Boom in 5, 4, 3…

solargirl-2With days to go before the Christmas holidays, we are busy here at Solar Optix in Lethbridge Alberta! With our in-field projects completed for the year, activity is focused on connecting with new prospective partners, customers, and organizations for 2017. Lots of buzz and opportunities to help diversify Alberta’s power mix with sunshine! Being one of North America’s best regions for solar power, the southern quarter of the province currently features surprisingly few distributed solar installations.

That is set to change in a big way, with farmers, municipalities, and utility-scale projects leading the way. Look forward to updating you in January!

Best of the Season ~

PS  An hour after writing the above, a press release from EDF-EN was issued, confirming their 77MW Vulcan Solar project was just granted AUC (Alberta Utility Commission) approval.  The company hopes to proceed with construction in Spring of 2017.

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